2007, Vienna


A tool for "direct urbanism" 2004

Direct Urbanism

The Indikatormobil is a flexible tool for operations in the urban context situated between urban and artistic interventions – a tool for "Direct Urbanism". It offers the possibility to include tactile aspects of urban problems into urban planning and urban design transgressing conventional genres. The Indikatormobil operates upon request or invitation as well as it takes the initiative to trace urban "emergencies" and to develop interventions according to the specific context.

Since April 2004 interventions with the prototype:

"Seine Evidenz" for Wiener Linien/ Wienmuseum, Vienna, 2004
"Impeccable" for Radical Positionings, Pavelhaus, Laafeld, 2004
"On Invitation Only", MAK nite, Vienna, 2005
„Wunschfreistellung _ schlüsselfertig“, for TrichtLinnBurg, Salzburger Kunstverein/ Initiative Architektur, Salzburg, 2005
„artmapping“, fluc, Vienna, 2007

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