2004, Wienmuseum

Seine Evidenz

Wiener Linien,
Wienmuseum, 2004

Direct Urbanism

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"Wiener Linien“
Brigitte Huck and Wolfgang Kos,
Bernd Vlay
Wolfgang Obermair, Julia Willms,
Julia Wieger u.a.
MA 29, MA 33, MA 42, MA 48,
Kunstraum Bernsteiner

The Indikatormobil presented itself as urban research and action vehicle - as a new department along other departments of the City of Vienna: The "functioning of a city" handled by the various departments of the City of Vienna (like waste management, lighting, bridge construction, garden and park management) was expanded by adding hedonistic aspects beyond the usual fuctions, which were performed in day and night actions by involving the employees of the departments of the City of Vienna. Thus the project questioned the aspect of "function".

The performances were recorded with two video cameras and edited immediately in the Indikatormobil, and screened directly during the drives on the back of the Indikatormobil - visible for the people on the road.

The intensive day and night missions were documented on video and first publicly presented at an interim stop at Kunstraum Bernsteiner and then shown at the Indikatormobil during the exhibition at the Wienmuseum.

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