2020, Waltendorf

3rd World Congress of the Missing Things

transparadiso presented the Third World
Congress of the Missing Things at the
parish St.Paul/ Eisteichsiedlung, Oct.2020

Direct Urbanism

a project by transparadiso
project partner: Michael Petrowitsch

in collaboration with Parish St.Paul, Eisteichsiedlung/ Waltendorf

On 3 and 4 July 2021, transparadiso will focus on the Eisteichsiedlung estate in Waltendorf where they will transform the car park of St. Paul’s parish into an informal congress centre for the Third World Congress of the Missing Things (in cooperation with St. Paul’s parish).

The congress questions what we usually consider "normal": However, these valuations, seemingly based on a social consensus, discredit everything that deviates as "non-normal", and thus as "non-doable".
Instead, at the Third World Congress of the Missing Things, transparadiso is looking for visions that seem off the beaten track, and that advocate for a socially and community-oriented society and urban planning. We will discuss your visions and desires at the Third World Congress of the Missing Things: Thus, you shape the topics of the congress!
You determine the content of this inclusive congress, which acts beyond the usual scientific categories, and rather wants to give space to the knowledge and desires that are missing in our efficiency-oriented society.

The website www.missingthings.org collects the contributions for this non-hierarchical congress, which in particular also discusses community values and challenges the individual to take responsibility for society.

For the congress we will develop "islands" as foldable canopy structure, which will be available after the congress for further use of the community, for discussing issues of conflict.

Since the topic "normal" gained a new dimension due to the recent situation, we decided to invite also international contributions to the congress - beyond the specific context of Graz and the district of Waltendorf, where the congress will take place:
_What do you envision as a future "normal", in your neighborhood, your district, in Europe, in society?
_Which values for an inclusive society would you like to put forward as a new "normal"?

Please send us your contributions to: holub@transparadiso.com

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