2020, Wetzelsdorf


Georg Winter / TanzPflanzPlan AG realized the first workshop at the DancePlantField in Wetzelsdorf in Aug. 2020 for activating the DancePlantPlan.

Direct Urbanism
Planning the City/ Region

a project by Georg Winter/ DancePlantPlan AG

Team TanzPflanzPLan AG/ DancePlantPlan:
Lotte Hofbauer, Bernhard Steiner (Market Gardening, Permakultur, Landwirtschaftsschule Grottenhof, Graz), Silke Herrich (Tanz, Vermittlung, Graz), Hyun Ju Do, Yannik Herter, Julia Rabusai, Christian Richert (Performance, Tanz, Installation, S_A_R Projektbüro Völklingen), Georg Winter (Projektkoordination); Graphik: Corinna Schneider

Cooperation: Grottenhof Agricultural and Forestry School

In spring 2020, Georg Winter / AG AST began working on the DancePlantPlan in Wetzelsdorf, installing the DancePlantField (in cooperation with the Grottenhof Agricultural and Forestry School).

This is activated with local residents using performative artistic interventions. DancePlantPlan addresses the issue of converting agricultural land on the outskirts of the city into new housing estates, contrasting the recent hype for urban gardening taking place in the city centre.

DancePlantPlan AG is working on a bold plan with many participants and the residents to transform a 1000-square-metre area of cultivable land on the threshold, transition and liminal space between urban and rural landscapes into a space for planting and dancing.

“You must dance with your head and think with your legs.” Gret Palucca (dancer)

In a space for action and experimentation designed for crops and plant diversity, they will attempt to connect and moderate potential misunderstandings and fathom urban-rural situations. The “Wetzelsdorf twist” is a dance choreography that goes hand in hand with the cultivation – sowing, nurturing, harvesting – of crops in a living environment. It involves an experiment conducted by an agricultural school and the AG AST: they want to apply ideas about how to feed cities in the future directly and practically to yet-to-be-built gardens of adjoining residential estates.

“Wherever the dancer appears, a well of life emerges from the dust.” Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī (1207–1273)

DancePlantPlan is a field of practice that suggests forms of action in the landscape, on the fields and in the beds that involve dancing, performance and artistic means. The choreography of a state space when dealing with plants, landscape, weather and community demands that participants prepare new and surprising forms of cohabitation, that they experiment with open forms, and practise rhythm and movement together.

What role can crops and biodiversity play in the future of cohabitation?
How can a meaningful exchange be achieved between the agricultural necessities for future organic food production and the lifestyles of city dwellers, and how can the dialectic between rural and urban life be overcome?

In Wetzelsdorf it is possible. Join us and vote for what will be planted this year on the TanzPflanzFeld in Wetzelsdorf!
Here you can select the plants for DancePlantField.