2018, Rothenthurm, St. Peter, Wöll (Styria/A)

S 36 Design of Village Centers

Competition, 1st Prize, 2018
Realization: until 2030

Planning the City/ Region


Ana Maria Mihailescu
(until 2019: Daniel Wegerer, Susanna Böcherer, Renate Zillmann, Lukas Erlacher, Maria Groiss)

Landscape Design:
SI Landschaftsarchitektur

Since the regional highway S 36 in Styria (A) will be converted into a tunnel in Rothenthurm, St. Peter and Wöll these villages will recover a new quality by establishing a village center.

"The contribution shows a profound engagement with the specific situations of all three sites and suggests precise and site specific answers, which can communicate convincingly also in the larger context. This is also shown in the sensible modification of the new track of the regional highway. The spatial and architectural solution of the challenging topographical situation in Rothenturm is impressive and should be pursued with all consequence for a realization."
(excerpt of the jury protocol)

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