2021, Vienna

Quartiershaus "At the City Balcony"

1st prize, competition Quartiershaus, Vienna, 2017
Realization: April 2023

Building Socially

Client: (Die WoGen Wohnprojekte-Genossenschaft e.Gen.) ÖVW
Architect engineer: Raum & kommunikation

Architecture: transparadiso (collective housing group house), feld72 (+haus)

Team: Matthias Schatajew, Josef Zapletal
(previous phases: Ana Maria Mihalescu, Bernhard Pavelka, Johannes Längauer, Lukas Erlacher; Lukas Anzeletti)

Landscape architecture: Carla Lo
Structural engineer: Werkraum Ingenieure
Röhrer Bauphysik

The Quartiershaus "At the City Balcony" consists of the collective housing group house (transparadiso) and the +haus (feld72). It was specially designed for the Quartierhausareal in the 10th district in the immediate vicinity of the main station adjacent to the Helmut Zilk Park. By combining two construction fields, a "backyard situation"/adjacent to the parking garage was avoided and instead the "city balcony" was created as a generous open space for the users on level +1, which opens the view to the Helmut-Zilk-Park.

The subsidized ground floor zone connects both properties and components, the collective housing group house (transparadiso) and the +haus (feld72). It is designed as workshop space for socially engaged, innovative businesses.

The programs of the collective housing group house include co-working/office spaces or stores on the ground floor; on the upper floors, apartments for the collective housing group which were developed in a participatory process, as well as duplexes for shared living. On the 5th floor there are small apartments/temporary living and a spacious community terrace.

On September 9, 2021, the foundation stone for the WoGen Quartiershaus was laid and a time capsule was sunk.

A Project for the IBA Vienna/ International Building Exhibition Vienna
Wogen Quartiershaus am Hauptbahnhof

Exhibition: Human Scale Remeasured, AEDES, Berlin
Jan 16 - May 13, 2021

Presentation of the Quartiershaus "Am Stadtbalkon" at TURN ON:
March 4, 2023, Radiokulturhaus, Vienna

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