2014, Judenburg

Girls Club

Folke Köbberling, "Girls Club"
Berlin, 2014

Direct Urbanism

A Project for "Paradise Enterprise".

Funded by Public Art Styria

Together with a group of girls from Judenburg, Folke Köbberling sets up a meeting-place on the site of the former paradise garden. A mini excavator course answers practical questions and lays the foundations for a Girls Club. The young ladies of Judenburg finally get a cool spot to hang out.

The excavation material forms a ridge around the Girls Club which is planted with local rare sorts of tomatoes (the German word "paradise" also signifies the word for tomatoes in the Eastern part of Austria, "Paradeiser") as initial sign of a growing garden of paradise. Colored "flags" serve as code for the girls signalizing the accessibility of the club also for others.

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