2020, Graz (A)

FLUSSFLUSS - Castaway on the Mur

FLUSSFLUSS - Castaway on the Mur explores macro-utopias and speculative fictions and therefore installs the landmark FLUSSFLUSS and a canopy for casual appropriation.

Direct Urbanism

a project by orizzontale in the frame of NORMAL
Opening: June 11, 2021

in cooperation with: Youth Centre Am Grünanger; Manfred Nestelbacher/ subxperience

engineering: HELT, Vienna
metal construction: Stefan Lozar

additional funding: Sports Department of the City of Graz

On the new beach at Grünanger in Liebenau, orizzontale will realise FLUSSFLUSS - Castaway on the Mur in May/ June 2021 (in cooperation with the Grünanger Youth Centre): “Residents are invited to dream together and build a floating system of platforms.”

FLUSSFLUSS refers to the film "Castaway on the Moon" (South Corea 2009, by Lee Hae-jun). How do we behave on an island? Which survival strategies do we develop, against loneliness? Is there an escape form everyday life? And if, what could it be like?

A buoy with the sign FLUSSFLUSS will appear in the water to mark the start of the project, signalling the collective activation of the site. The project will start in May 2021 with events during the construction period and will be installed on a permanent basis.

In the show NORMAL at HDA/ House of Architecture Graz orizzontale presents posters for collecting and documenting the values and wishes of local actors for developing the programs and events for FLUSSFLUSS.
For further information on FLUSSFLUSS and the program please write to info@orizzontale.org.

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