2021, Judenburg (A), Baltimore (USA), Trieste (I), Graz (A) und andere Orte

Strategies for direct urbanism

Artistic-urbanistic strategies for direct urbanism are continuously developed and supplemented based on the experience of the projects.

Direct Urbanism
Production of Desires
Beyond Borders
The Game as Tool
Cultural Spaces
Planning the City/ Region

since 2007

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Direct Urbanism
Planning Unplanned

see also: www.urban-matters.org

Direct urbanism is committed to socially engaged urban planning in which action and planning are intertwined in order to be able to address unforeseen and unplannable social and economic developments. transparadiso develops artistic-urban strategies for this purpose in a constant process of "research through practice" and applies them according to the respective context.

We have developed and applied the following artistic-urbanist strategies for direct urbanism in diverse projects:
Production of desires, revaluation, unlearning, switching roles, anticipatory fiction, macro-utopia, change of context, dialog and polylog, expansion of context, research through practice, conflict as productive force, urban reserve.

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